• Promotes behaviors that drive recruiting, selling and retention
    • Designed to deliver the Perfect Welcome Methodology that was created while working at Melaleuca and perfected at LulaRoe (>80% first-year Retention Rate)
    • Increases engagement with reps and customers from the moment of arrival


  • To Connect with multiple systems- Control Pad, Exigo, Directscale, Krato, AppNotch
    • TRIGGERS place calls for ACTION based on specific data. ¬†For example, an enrollment might trigger a special welcome; the purchase of a special pack can trigger an interactive action campaign; a volume shortage might trigger a text; the cancellation of an auto-ship can trigger the upline to reach out, etc.
    • TRACTION interprets the trigger events and sends data to corresponding communication apps with the goal of modifying and shaping behavior
    • Alerts for ACTION by reps, sponsors, or staff are sent through Push Notification channels such as text/SMS, Email, and Back Office